Native ad network tips

5 Best Practices for Native Ad Networks

Native advertising is very different from traditional display ad advertising; Instead of trying to capture users’ attention by standing out as much as possible, native advertising tries to blend-in with the content. It strives to provide the same user experience as the content around it and optimizes for additional performance indicators such as user satisfaction, user retention, etc. This different approach poses new challenges for ad networks wishing to enter…

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Native ads cure for ad blockers

Is native advertising the cure for ad blockers?

The advertising industry has been in turmoil this week following Apple’s announcement that it will soon be possible to block ads in Apple’s Safari Web browser. Of course ad blocking is not new, for several years it has been daunting publishers and advertisers, who saw millions of dollars worth of ads being blocked by popular ad blockers, such as AdBlockPlus. In fact a recent study suggests that every month 144…

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IAB Native Advertising Playbook poster

IAB native advertising playbook summary poster

Last year, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and its Native Advertising Task Force has released the “IAB Native Advertising Playbook” to establish a common industry language, evaluation framework and disclosure principles for native advertising. In order to simplify the understanding of the various native ad units and their characteristics, my6sense, a white-label programmatic native advertising platform provider for ad networks, demand/supply providers, and exchanges, have created a poster that summarizes…

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OpenRTB 2.3

OpenRTB 2.3 An Important Milestone for Open Programmatic Native Advertising

For a long while native advertising has been a major topic of discussion within the advertising market. All agree that native is rapidly maturing in terms of its market share and user acceptance. At this stage it is clear that the various players in the advertising ecosystem must embrace this relatively new form of advertising, or at least not disregard its existence. During the past year and a half this…

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Effective native advertising

The secret ingredient behind effective native advertising

I have recently stumbled upon a video explaining about the ingredients in McDonald’s fries. Turns out that everyone’s favorite fast food includes 19 different ingredients. Putting aside the criticism and health-related concerns that spawned after the release of this video, it is clear that in order to create a consistent product with the same texture and taste all year long, McDonalds needed to include many additional ingredients on top of…

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Native Advertising Predictions 2015

5 Predictions for Native Advertising in 2015

Wide spread adoption – It is already clear that native advertising has grown tremendously in the last couple of years and is likely to continue growing throughout 2015. As traditional display ads struggles with CTRs, more advertisers are moving their budgets to native advertising, where they can reach out to their audiences and connect with them in a much deeper manner. Integral part of the advertising eco-system – Despite its…

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ad networks should build their own native advertising

5 Reasons Why Ad Networks Should Build Their Own Native Ads Network

# 1 – Native advertising is on a rise (and this is just the beginning) Native advertising has become one of the fastest growing market segments in the advertising and content space. According to eMarketer, increased mobile use of these venues has fueled much of the growth, since native ads work best in the content streams that people tend to access on smartphones and tablets. In the US alone native ad…

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fish (1)

Native advertising the future for ad networks

Ad networks have come a long way. This short video shows the evolution of ad networks and how the display ad market has evolved to become extremely sophisticated, with ad exchanges, programmatic, and real-time bidding. But of course the essence of these networks is to find the relevant target audiences for advertisers and maximize monetization for publishers. However, over time users have started ignoring banner ads, developing, what is called “banner…

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