Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Has good-old-quality content become diluted by people’s desire to be heard?

Terry Brock stated that “many new apps have demonstrated that information is gathered through means other than through top-down methods: our relationships and social networks are where many of us our now gathering our information” (Dirt, 2011).

This statement represents the growing trend of community slowly molding its space within traditional “news” and Journalism. We all see ourselves as informed and autonomous consumers, who have educated themselves within the realm of social media. This new wave of community sharing has in many ways ‘sabotaged’ the food chain within which the consumer is at the bottom and the Government, Journalists and large enterprises are at the top.

We, the consumers, have become smart, cautious and have raised our voice to be heard, a global phenomenon that has spread across many layers within social life. People are no longer willing to accept the traditional media as de facto. Utilizing Facebook, Twitter and blogs is one of the most powerful tools we; the people, have ever been given insofar as being heard as individuals.

This “noise” is enlightening and informative, yet distracting and disturbing at times. If once we would read the newspaper and share our personal opinions with friends and family, today we could potentially speak to the entire world.

What’s needed?
Someone to guide you through this flood of content, which you swim through everyday; a “personal assistant” who knows what you love and desire, and senses what you yearn to read, someone who will dig deep through the sand for you, and discover the jewels of the land. An expert in innovation and sensation who knows you, and can predict what you want first and last.

Whether you enjoy traditional journalism or modern day blogs, whether you are into sports or dogs, my6sense will learn the small nuances of your preferences and bring you what you love.

As members of Microsoft’s Biz Park 1 program, my6sense believes it can be your content guide who will dive deep for you and “fish out” your favorite articles, blogs and posts, which you never even knew existed. We will help you be heard, and others be found. Smart Magazine is your personal scout for Windows phone 7.5.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Easily Flip Through Your Content with my6sense's New Smart Magazine

The day has finally come. Smart Magazine by my6sense will be available for download on Microsoft Windows 7.5 devices and on Android Samsung apps.
Whether you are a my6sense fan, or a newcomer, we invite you to begin your content exploration journey with us, and discover the revolution everybody is talking about.

Smart Magazine offers a streamlined interface that provides easily glanceable information and lets you jump right into the content you want. Simply import your social network accounts (Facebook and Twitter), use the default topics included in the app or customize them, and let my6sense's Digital Intuition learn the kind of content you enjoy most. my6sense has already earned industry accolades for its content ranking technology, providing a fine-tuned and intelligent stream of content to users. While many popular social magazine apps have been released for tablets, there hasn't been the same focus on mobile devices. Smart Magazine is built specifically for smartphones and is tailored to the unique form factor of pocket-sized devices.

my6sense, which collaborated with Microsoft to bring the app to Windows Phone 7.5, is a member of the Microsoft BizSpark One program, a small group of high-potential companies in the company’s larger BizSpark program, which is comprised of over 40,000 startups worldwide. The Android edition will be available exclusively for all Samsung GALAXY devices worldwide via Samsung Apps.

The Smart Magazine app is yet another step for my6sense which has taken a leading role in bringing intelligent content ranking to multiple platforms. The company has been recognized for the high level of personalization it provides to users seeking to streamline their daily consumption of content. Digital Intuition is an advanced system that adapts quickly to user's preferences and doesn't require any special input from the user.

In an age where content is in constant competition for your attention, you must find a way to filter, organize and ensure you are only getting what really matters to you, in an easy glanceable interface, which will maximize your limited attention. Mobile content consumption is a matter of importance, and my6sense specifically chose to live in this space. The device is small and your attention span and time spent on it is even smaller.

Allow my6sense to help personalize your content universe!  We will make sure to always keep you on top!