Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my6sense In the News: Personalization Remains Hot

As our VP of Marketing Louis Gray wrote in November, the third wave of the web will be uniquely personal. As we grow beyond information publishing and social connections, the world is waking up to personalization and tailoring of streams to your interests in a big way. Popular tech Q&A site Quora had a disussion of this very thing in the last month... what comes next after search and social?

As the pioneer in this market, being part of this major trend means that yes, we will see lots of competition from all corners, and also incredible opportunity. Additionally, this means that my6sense is in the spotlight often.

Some interesting news of late to note:
* WebProNews, in a post by Rob Diana of Regular Geek, titled "Search, Personalization And Recommendation: The Future of Information Consumption" discussed new ways to approach our fast-moving information stream. In the post, Rob said, "When focusing on news, personalization like my6sense is probably the best option."
* TechCrunch, in a post by Mahendra Palsule, titled "The Age of Relevance", highlighted an elite group of companies focused on 'personalized serendipity', leveraging a combination of interest and social graphs. my6sense was of course highlighted.
* Mashable took the time to talk with Louis about my6sense and our efforts to "prioritize the social inbox and personalize the Web". One key quote: "Prioritization is not a feature." It's much more.
All of these insightful summaries came following the launch of our Twitter extension for Chrome. If you haven't already checked it out, make sure you do. It's got a rating of 5 stars in the new Chrome Web store and has been downloaded thousands of times.

We've got a lot of great partnerships and ideas coming soon, so expect more coverage and insight from around the Web soon.

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